Form Fill Seal (FFS)

Manufacturing. Filling. Sealing. Everything in one process.

In 1996, PLÜMAT was the first company to integrate a production process for the Manufacture-Fill-Seal process on infusion bags into one production line - the FORM FILL SEAL technology!

Filled and sealed bags are produced in an automated process without further intermediate steps. This procedure allows simple process monitoring and substantially reduces the risk of contamination.
Mainly multi-layer film materials, amongst other things based on polyolefins (e.g. PP, PE) and PVC and EVA are processed on the PLÜMAT Form Fill Seal lines. Machine and component design are designed for the highest possible productivity and lowest possible consumption of materials. Minimum tolerances and high-quality materials guarantee absolute process reliability and the top-class quality of the final product.
In the meantime, our Research and Development Centre features the concentration of more than 20 years of experience in FFS technology and more than 40 years in Fill and Seal technology and bag manufacture. Combined with passion and pioneering spirit, just as on the first day of business, our processes are continually optimised and customer-specifically adapted.


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