The will to start something going and trust in one's own strengths


  • 1970 Pioneering spirit and the know-how of the young entrepreneurs Arthur Plate and Hermann Lübeck provide the start-up capital for a family company  - "Made in Germany". On a part-time basis, they develop the first semi-automatic piston fillers for bottles and bags.
  • 1975 Official foundation of the company
  • 1977 Electronic filling system - PLÜMATEX
  • 1978 Automatic bottle Fill and Seal machine with an electronic filling system
  • 1980 Automatic bag Fill and Seal machine
  • 1985 Automatic, hexagonal high-performance bag Fill and Seal machine
  • 1992 Automatic bag manufacturing machine for PP bags
  • 1996 Bag Manufacture-Fill-Seal in one process line; the birth of PLÜMAT FORM FILL SEAL technology
  • 2002 Foundation of our Asia-Pacific Sales and Service location in Peking
  • 2003 Automatic Stretch Blow Fill Seal lines for PP bottles
  • 2004 PLÜMAT patents their own components and port system
  • 2005 Generation change at PLÜMAT; Sven-David Plate und Frank Lübeck take over the company Management from their fathers
  • 2006 Aseptic Form Fill Seal line for stand-up bags
  • 2008 Foundation of PLÜMAT Packaging Systems GmbH
  • 2011 Acquisition of Colpitt B.V.
  • 2013 Semi-automatic injection Fill and Seal machines
  • 2014 Expansion of the production area PLÜMAT Packaging Systems GmbH
  • 2015 Presentation of the fifth generation – Form Fill Seal



  • 1946 Official foundation of the company by A.J.Versteege
  • 1946 Development of a high-frequency generator
  • 1960 Colpitt develops machines for blood bag manufacture in cooperation with the Dutch Red Cross [N.P.B.I.]
  • 1978 HF-stable generator
  • 1980 Semi-automatic bag manufacturing machine for PVC blood bags
  • 1981 Automatic bag manufacturing machine for PVC blood bags
  • 1988 Development of robot-assisted machines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical bags
  • 2004 DDevelopment of modular machine concepts for IV bag manufacture and blood bag manufacture
  • 2011 Colpitt joins the PLÜMAT Group
  • 2011 HF generator with integrated control unit (PLC)
  • 2013 New development of a linear CAPD drainage bag manufacturing machine
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